We all know that the Chameleon isn’t the largest creature in Madagascar. But Napolean wasn’t the tallest leader and David wasn’t the biggest warrior; he just knew how to take down a giant. Big is not best. So when you experience Chameleon you’ll quickly discover the clever strategic advantage we have due to our ability to engage the right talent while providing world-class communications at unmatched value.


Many large firms unconsciously charge more than they are worth. To be scalable means to adjust to the task at hand. Larger firms are often unable to scale down cost when projects require a partial team. Nothing against large agencies, after all, that is part of our heritage at Chameleon. We are simply undertaking a unique vision that allows us to offer small and medium-sized businesses the creative talent and technical expertise that large agencies can’t offer at the same cost.


The Smart agency is able to leverage the best freelancing talent available through a management system that provides our partners with higher pay, flexible hours, and a variety of projects that creative and technical people love. We internalize the Story Telling, Experiential Design, and Story Placement roles allowing for us to own the core vision for our clients as we engage our experts to focus on each unique communication goal. The result is a flexible model that eliminates overhead and yields great results.