While serving for over 15 years in management (mainly at GE), Tony Meister liaised with, and even managed, exasperated sales and marketing people. They struggled with trying to effectively reveal the awesomeness of what they offered. The complexities of digital marketing, branding, and Internet lead generation left many angry and frustrated casualties.

In 2006 Tony left a Fortune 500 career to help start an IT company whose clients and friends experienced the same frustrations with marketing. In 2013 after personally witnessing the quandary of ineffective branding and marketing the idea of a highly-skilled digital communications company was conceived. One year later Chameleon Communications was born.

Tony’s father Bob started as an advertising rep at an agency named Klau-Van Pietersom-Dunlap (KVPD). KVPD was Harley-Davidson’s exclusive agency for nearly 50 years. Bob went on to invent many campaigns including Milwaukee’s Summerfest, Oldsmobile, and other international brand accounts. It was this inspiration and creativity that Tony experienced growing up that marked him for life. You could say he was “branded.”

We saw enough. Seeing businesses fail because they didn’t understand how to communicate their brand was disheartening. So we decided to live our own story as an example of what we could do for others. It’s working. In our first two years alone Chameleon has told the story for dozens of companies including the world’s fourth-largest insurance broker Willis Group. We’re making our mark one story at a time.