VISION 20/20

In January 2014 Chameleon Communications embarked on a 7 year course to fulfill the growth, expertise, and vision for the future. Our vision is broken into three 2 1/3 year periods with the end of this phase of the vision being December of 2020. Many companies institute 5 year plans; we’re doing it a little different. In today’s fast moving business and technology environment 5 year plans are destined to change half-way through. We have chosen to establish specific goals and objectives that fall into 3 main milestone periods helping us to focus on each finish line.


Documenting Vision 20/20 has been critical to moving forward and drawing in the right team. It has been essential to write and create a clear, concise vision that any vendor, client, or consultant working with Chameleon can run with. Our vision is designed to generate momentum, passion, and commitment creating a vortex with a vacuum is so strong it draws in the best people. We realize a strong, believable, and hopeful future must be laid out strategically so everyone understands the road map. It leads to passion, proper expectations, and a hope for a better future. Let us know if you would like to know more about Vision 20/20 and we would be happy to share the details.