Chameleon is reputed in the industry for creativity. But it is not at the cost of quality video production. Many mid-sized Milwaukee based ad agencies don’t have an in-house video production capability. That is like hiring an iguana to model in a magazine ad for Madagascar tourism. Now you know that could only be the job of a lizard that can change colors. As one of the best video production companies in Milwaukee, we do not just produce videos and do the editing in-house, we create them with your brand story in mind. We employ our video production services throughout the Midwest, the United States, and even the World. Our 2 central in-house video production offices in Milwaukee, WI and Dallas, TX allow us the flexibility to offer video production anywhere in the US.

Chameleon understands corporate video. The benefit of having a storytelling creative team work hand-in-hand with in-house videographers results in videos that are creative and effective. We have worked with some of the largest corporate entities including Willis Group Holdings located in what was previously called the “Sears Tower” in Chicago, Il. It is now the Willis Tower.

Academic and Education Video Production

Since we started producing videos in 2013, we have worked with numerous school districts and educational consulting firms to create school district videos for districts throughout Wisconsin.

Non-Profit Video Examples

In addition to academic video production, clients like Industries for the Blind, Easter Seals, as well as churches and other non-profit ministries have all benefited from our non-profit video production in Milwaukee, WI.

Chameleon saw a big demand for whiteboard animation and video scribes as we started telling stories. We are one of the first companies to incorporate kinetic typography in a whiteboard animation video and consistently push the envelop to bring every story alive.

We have a very specific process for creating video scribes and/or whiteboard animation videos and the result is always consistent: a creative story that can only be told with cartooning.