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How to Effectively Use ChatGPT

1. Keep conversations focused and on-topic. Chatbots like ChatGPT are best used for specific tasks and topics, so ensure that you’re not introducing too many variables into the conversation. This will help ChatGPT stay on track and provide more accurate responses. Also, if you start the query/question with “Write as though you are a…” you will get a more specific response from ChatGPT. It hones in on the method of communication more clearly when it knows who it is mimicking as the writer.

2. Streamline Customer Service Processes. Leverage ChatGPT to streamline customer service processes. ChatGPT can be used to provide automated customer service processes and responses for frequently asked questions, it can automate scheduling and appointment reminders, or even provide personalized recommendations to customers.

3. Leverage the NLT Capabilities for SEO. In the past decade Google has moved towards favoring more natural writing. The more intuitive and human sounding the articles, blogs, or descriptive content on your website, the better for Search Engine Optimation. You want to utilize advanced natural language processing (NLP) to create a conversational tone and ChatGPT has that inherently built in to it’s engine. No, what I’m writing now is not written by ChatGPT. But yes, there is great potential due to it’s NLP abilities. With NLP, Chat GPT can create conversations that are more natural and less robotic.

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