Our main service zones consist of Integrated Branding, Video Communication, and Digital Marketing. What we find is that our clientele often need a tailored and specific combination of these services.

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CJ’s Premium Spices

Culinary joy in a packet.


CJ’s Premium Spices creates the only unique blend of organic USDA Certified Organic Potato Salad Spices of its kind. With marketing efforts reaching the Internet, trade shows, and state fairs, CJ’s needed a way to convey the ease of turning a simple bag of spices into a potato salad that would rival any grandmother’s home made production.


Realizing that video is one of the best ways to communicate a step-by-step process at trade shows and fairs, we set out to communicate how easy it is to make potato salad with the CJ’s Premium Spices blend.  Assisted by a professional chef in a gourmet kitchen, we documented everything from ingredients to final product. WARNING: Do not watch this video if you haven’t had breakfast or lunch.