Our main service zones consist of Integrated Branding, Video Communication, and Digital Marketing. What we find is that our clientele often need a tailored and specific combination of these services.

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Transparency. Relationship. Trust


Healthfuse approached Chameleon at a critical time when both prospects and investors needed to understand the Healthfuse offering. Not only did they need a new brand identity, but also a new and unique way of explaining what they do to select prospects.


Healthfuse offers hospitals and healthcare organizations significant savings — up to 3M dollars per year — through an elaborate method of revenue cycle management. The way they provide these savings is proprietary and complex.


Chameleon initiated a branding effort by opening up the process and engaging several stakeholders, vendors, and advisers to help fathom the depths of Healthfuse’s brand identity. The brand discovery process evolved into a new method for creating corporate brands. Sometimes reigniting a brand can be a long tedious process. Healthfuse stayed the course and we are grateful to have facilitated the discovery of such a virtuous brand. Our reward was giving Healthfuse the autonomy to make the logo and tagline their own through this process. In addition, Chameleon told the Healthfuse brand story by explaining what they do in a creative and captivating way through an animated whiteboard video. Real life statistics, along with a compelling story line, were used to drive home the solution to today’s affordable care act challenges.