Our main service zones consist of Integrated Branding, Video Communication, and Digital Marketing. What we find is that our clientele often need a tailored and specific combination of these services.

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Branding was the Applied Management Group’s  first need. The Applied Management Group (AMG) required both a brand strategy and brand identity for multiple service offerings. AMG is more than a business consultant, they mentor their clientele providing training courses, an online Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) financial management solution, and virtual instructor led training (VILT), They consult through a unique methodology engaging hands-on with clientele and fostering growth in the areas of management, administration, sales, and technical services.


Having several distinguishable service offerings—all with different target audiences—required that visual representation of these brand assets be distinguished without sacrificing the homogeneity of the overall brand. In addition, AMG targeted prospects are business owners of service companies who are looking to grow revenue.


Brand Development

Brand development began with a process that identified each target segment highlighting competitive advantages. We then emphasized the service offerings within each of their market niches coming up with a brand identity that included logos.


The Applied Management Group’s logo serves as an umbrella logo for all of their service offerings.






The Apex eSuite logo represents the technical SaaS solution that powers small business financials.






The Seven Summits Series logo represents the main business course that walks the participant through the seven critical business areas that lead to profitability and growth.





MAAM is the final branding logo that reflects AMG’s overall management training academy.





The Brand Elements

Identifying with AMG’s persona was critical to establishing consistent brand communication throughout all of the brand elements. Research indicated the ideal AMG client was a goal-setter and consequently someone who can identify with the thrill of achievement and adventure. We chose the slogan “Progress, one step at a time” relating to the promised incremental success in business as a result of AMG’s offerings.

Website Design

Website design and development of the AMG website centered around AMG’s client access to the many resources available. Since AMG offers software, training, and workshops we needed to develop the site in an intuitive manner providing ease of access to critical resources including the Apex eSuite SaaS solution.


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