Our main service zones consist of Integrated Branding, Video Communication, and Digital Marketing. What we find is that our clientele often need a tailored and specific combination of these services.

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Do Awards Matter?

We just received another video award from the National School Public Relations Association and it got me thinking, “Do awards matter?” Pundits like Gary Vaynerchuk said on AskGaryVee that awards do not matter. Gary says it is for two reasons: 1) “It allows for them (agencies) to recruit talent” and 2) “They use it as something to get more business.” Many marketers see the investment in awards as something that deviates from client business growth. I agree. Many agencies spend huge budgets and months of team preparation for awards shows.

However, I think if your focus is your client’s success, awards do matter. So here are my two reasons why I believe they do:

1. Awards help the creative sphere experience who is doing what.

With technology evolving rapidly, it is easier to execute on creative in video, digital marketing, or overall branding. Awards allow agencies to view their competition and see if what they are putting out meets the new standard. Awards raise the bar and drive us to get better. This leads to my next point…

2. An award helps differentiate winners from losers.

The enemy of best is good. Too often brands settle with results that are good and awards help to identify firms that are doing the best work.
At Chameleon our focus will never be on how to get an award. But we will never fail to recognize the value of achieving a high industry standard and being recognized for it. It shows that we are not just in the game to play, but for our clients to win.

Let us know how we can help you color the world with your story using video, branding, and digital marketing.