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Video scribes and whiteboard animation videos

The Buzz on Video Scribe & Whiteboard Animation Videos

Video Scribe & Whiteboard Animation Videos

At Chameleon we seem to get more love from our customers after we give them a video scribe than we do for anything else. We think it’s because people not only love to watch us draw, but because they love creativity. So how does the drawing help to engage, learn, or even sell?

Well, first of all it gets people involved at a multi-sensory level. This alone not only captures attention, but keeps viewers on-message. Viewers are not distracted and won’t wander when you’re stimulating the eye with creative graphics that relate to the message.

Why Video Scribes & Whiteboard Animation?

What is a video scribe or whiteboard animation?

A video scribe (or whiteboard animation) is a method of creative story telling using artwork and story boards by drawing on a whiteboard (or something similar to a whiteboard) by artists who record the actual process of drawing. Video scribes are used for TV commercials (example: UPS Whiteboard Commercials) or even corporate training videos.  Here is an example of various video scribes -> video scribe examples.

The Layered Effect

Video scribes leverage the layering process of learning. None of us absorb every bit of data into our cranium from any great speech, be it a TED Talk or your favorite motivational speaker. But by engaging the viewer with creative art, knowledge of a topic is built one layer at a time, and processed one layer at a time. Video scribes even further reinforce this phenomenon by adding audio, video and even sound effects.

Building Trust

Video scribes also build trust. If you compare a typical video (corporate, instructional, etc.) with a video scribe you find that when someone views a video scribe they don’t correlate the message with someone trying to sell them. The cartoon aspect of a video scribe takes them into an appealing world outside of the realm of your typical video with someone trying to convince them. Now you have a viewer who anticipates the next drawing and sees it as entertainment enabling them to receive the message for what it is.


Video scribes and whiteboard animations provide a depth of creativity that bring life to any story.  They are a mash up of artistic illustrations, stop motion photography, animation, and video. Something to keep in mind as you contemplate telling your story.

Let us know if you seen one, and what you like about them.